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Hope Magazine


Equip your evangelism ministries with a resource that’s impacting lives all over the world. People have a hard time setting aside these professional looking Hope magazines when they receive one. Filled with powerful photographs overlaid with Scriptures from the easy-to-read New Living Translation, Hope offers people the promise that they can be set free from the spiritual heaviness that has a hold on them. Readers can’t believe that what they’re experiencing is actually the Bible. They engage with the 50 hope-filled Psalms flowing through the first half of the magazine—and then meet Jesus and His promises in the complete Gospel of John. When they finish the gospel, they’re invited to commit their lives to Christ and experience true freedom.



Esperanza Magazine


This Scripture magazine is identical in format to the English Hope magazine, but includes Scriptures from the easy-to-read Nueva Traduccion Viviente (NTV), and filled with recognizably Latin American photos. Already effective in places like Nicaragua and Cuba, Esperanza can offer Spanish-speaking people the life-changing hope found only in Christ.



NewLife App Cards

These little cards are the perfect way to introduce the innovative NewLife app to both seekers and believers, and invite them to download it to their phones. Highly conversational in tone, the NewLife app guides people in exploring the deep questions of life, and provides the full Bible in the easy-to-read New Living Translation. It’s also the perfect introductory app to help Christians feel more confident and prepared when confronted with some of the really tough apologetics questions. Visit newlife.bible to learn more about the app.










The Gospel of John

Equip your congregation with these Gospels of John (NLT) to help mobilize them to share the gospel in your church’s community and in their own everyday lives. Designed to introduce people to Jesus, these booklets are pocket-sized, easy to read, and have a fresh, contemporary look. They’re also a great tool for high school and college students to share with their friends. Three styles to choose from.

  • - So Loved
  • - Way-Truth-Life
  • - The Love Letter


So Loved








Love Letter




Redemption Magazines

When it comes to explaining the road from sin to salvation, no book in the Bible does it more clearly than Romans. The Redemption Scripture magazines illustrate Romans in an innovative and striking way that is impacting men and women who are desperate for forgiveness. Originally designed for people in prisons and rehabilitation centres, Redemption is for anyone who needs to know that God has already completed the requirements for salvation—if only they would accept His amazing grace and surrender their lives. Also includes the complete Gospel of John. Separate editions available for men and women.



Redemption Men Survey




Redemption Women Survey







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